3D printer part II - x and y axis functional

shapelock cast take 2 - add laser

shapelock cast take 1

 its clear while still warm and maleable
shapelock is great.

Stormageddon rebuild

fossil preparation lab

we have a fossil preparation lab with micro abrasion tooling, heavy duty air compressor, and air processing. we also have an e-pick invented by Russ at fredhack for direct contact prep.

main work station with micro abrasion
air treatment between abrasion tools and air compressor   

robot and electronics work station


random tools

various bins
portable compressor - generator - mig welder
mig welder

Stormageddon by Russ H. - first fredhack battlebot competes at Pennbots

stormy came in 2nd, not bad for a first bot. 

close up of stormageddon

stormy vs eggbeater bot
stormy on the right
winner stormageddon
stormy vs. lifter bot
(plus a little gyro dance redesigned the floor at the end (the blade gouged some nice tracks))
stormy on the right 
winner stormageddon
stormy vs horizontal bar spinner bot
stormy on the right
winner - stormageddon
the remainder of one bot after it came in contact with stormy.
(the rope net is one of the pit traps on either end of the arena)