homemade sterno

= homemade rocket fuel + calcium enriched tums + vinegar

2 semi-retired battlebots

check out these battle bots created by fredhack member GC

no sneak attack - those metal sprocketish wheels sound like a garbage disposal ate a can opener

 despite its junkion origins, this thing is a beast

look at the size of that 30 pound throwing star.  it'll tear a car to shreds... or a house for that matter
 just don't be the guy stuck holding the tether when it goes out of control.  you  have to jump for safety  (never happened)

tesla coils anyone

handmade by russ

fredhack upgrade

we spent some serious man hours adding shelves and creating floor space in our benevolent dictators garage known as fredhack.

his garage has been a catch all for hacker donations and years of solo hacking
we started out with just a couple of shelves, but what the heck...

 we kept going and basically made a second floor across the whole backs side.  those are 4x8 platforms and now the floor is almost free... no pictures, but yes, it looks like a usable hackerspace now - i promise
except for then we hacked a bunch of stuff, so its an ongoing war.