bike rack mod - aluminium welding +1

for some reason not all bike racks have a guard running down the back.  this was letting the saddle bags flop into the wheel spokes.  solution, trip to the hardware store for some round stock and one nasty looking weld.

zipit bag hacked

NH hacked her own zipit style purse. watch out for the blur as she shows off the functionality at high speed.

 best part - survivalist situation
purse = rope & bag

wagon pyramid copter

using  a toothpick building kit and some popsicle sticks we built a weird pyramid(actually we gave up on toothpics as we are lazy and went straight to popsicle size after about an hour of bad glue mishaps).

bored with our inert structure, we then added this tamiya gearbox and a thomas the train flat car.



which failed miserably

so up the power source to ridiculous considering weight/power density 
- still fail -

eventually junior member AJ figured out to put the blade facing backward like a swamp boat and it took off... sort of... well at least it didn't just tip over.  sorry no video of this amazing feat.

stop motion - 1st try

with free software monkeyjam it was easy.  used an old webcam to do image capture.  had the wooden man model around forever.  the pics can be taken within the software and sound can be added.

also interested in making one of these

and one of these

battlebot - 30 pounder

cut, weld, drill

 finished frame

test assembly

custom wheel - drilled for weight reduction