skills trading with local blacksmith

I ran across the word "skills trading" not long ago and realized that's the perfect word for some of the things we do.

We've been meeting with local blacksmith Butch and working on his CNC software and some of his driver boards.  He's been showing us blacksmith basics and pointers.

Skill trading is a great way to get things done.  Trading a skill you know for one you don't == completing projects and making new friends.

update 9/10/12
still trying to get BobCAD/CAM to work properly in full 3D.  2D is no problem, but it's fighting 3D arcs through z-axis like crazy...  generating multiple toolpath passes is the main problem at the moment.

here's a pic of the prime object we're trying to make - custom blacksmith hammer.  from that we can make iterations of like objects.  any g-code masters are welcome to point me to helpful resources.

update 9/30/12
well we got the g-code worked out.  the newly CNC'd hammer to be seen soon.