shoe-shot - v1.0


3 years or pondering the greatness of having a sling shot built in my shoe - then spend a half-hour making one... typical hacker procrastination.
used surgical tubing, a converse, a couple of nails, and some scrap nails. a 3D printed toe-cap is around here somewhere, but decided to just try without.  this piece of high-fashion weaponry actually fires better than expected.  imagine two of these hooked together!


Norfolk mini-Maker Faire - event review

Norfolk mini-Maker Faire was a great success.  Fredhack especially appreciated how many different kinds of individual maker types were there with their projects.  Pics of the event below.


fredhack & norfolk mini-maker faire

fredhack will be at norfolk mini-maker faire on october 20th, 2012.  we will be teaching people to solder like we did at NY maker faire in 2011, but will also have a bot arena for people to control sumo-bots where they will try to push each other into submission.  fredhack members or friends can email or just come by to help out with solder teaching or arena supervision.

we'll be posting our arena build and bots soon.