DIY Skateboard

We made a skateboard from some disused trucks and some scrap wood.  Thanks to Russ's new mill we were able to put the fredhack name on it.  This board is seaworthy and one ollie was performed in the street on it's maiden voyage.


A Fredhack Standard - Railroad Spike Knife

The first rule of fredhack is if it's first time you have to hack....

Making a railroad spike knife has become kind of a standard for first time visitors.  Chris was visiting from out of town and made the below.  Forge, hammer, grind, sand, leather cut, stitch: 4 hours later he had this great object that he made.


Pinball Tournament

Fredhack loaded up a car and traveled to Flippers Variety & Arcade.  This place blew me away when I first ran across it.  It looks like an old gas station.  I figured there would be a few pins to play inside, but no... it was like the gates of heaven opened up and angels started singing!  There are over 50 pinball games here and they are all in great condition.

So of course when we heard there was a tournament, Fredhack loaded up a car and traveled down to Grandy, NC to compete.  Pics below as we bask in the glow of general pinball awesomeness.

just looks like a regular old gas station
then you see this... hmm.

3 Fredhackers all in a row competing for pin glory


this guy in the parking lot


New mill and lathe 1st week round-up

Here are a few more fun things from the first week of having the mill and lathe

playing with the 4th axis on the mill

making a better mousetrap pen mandril on the lathe.
New pen mandrel makes the whole pen at once so you can see the shape better. Pretty. Took about 30 minutes from a drilled blank.

did someone say carving wooden spoons?  why not carve with a mill?

Millhenge - A homemade gantry lift system

We built this giant gantry style lift from multiple 6x6 to lift some of the latest equipment- we call it....
...as it will probably exist long after we are gone and way future anthropologists will argue over the reason for its construction..

that mill weighs in the 2 ton ballpark.

These next two shots are of a mill already acquired - we just had to move it again

This is the newest mill - i think we have 5 now.  we started calling them by starwars names - this one is Endore - the above is the Deathstar cause it's tried to kill us a couple of times... though it is not fully functional.

GC looks pretty happy with the largest vice ever... maybe he's just smiling because his back gave out

Mill 101 Exam - Making a perfect cube

At Fredhack, we like to set up little tests for ourselves when we're trying new things.  In this case, after getting the new mill, attempt to make a perfect cube.

Russ says: 
Almost passed, I'll give it a D. While it is dimensionality accurate at .0960 +-.001 on all sides (proving repeatability), I failed to clamp it tightly enough on one face and it bit and threw the part. There's a major divot in the far side.


Wallet from keyboard flexy circuit

When we first got into Inscrutables, we made several of these wallets from old keyboards.  Still a fun object to keep around the house that I use to collect business cards. Here's how-to from instructables


Mario Song - Fruity Loops 0-day hack

At Fredhack we came up with an idea we call zero-day hacks. 
We come up with a project and follow through to the end no matter what the outcome on the zero-day.

I should in no way be allowed to make music, but had fun making this gem of horror using Fruity Loops free music making software(now known as FL Studio because of TM dispute with Kellogg) and also free Audacity recording studio.  I've never used either program before.  That shows you how easy it is to make bad music.  I also used a website vozme.com to paste text and create computer speech which the website will download as an mp3.  This avoided me the embarrassment of having to rap this thing, just let the voice emulator read text to speech and download the resulting file, then import the track with the rest the so called music.


New tool - large wood lathe

This large wood lathe has been at garage B in Manassas but wasn't seeing much use.  It was recently traded over to our main garage in Goldvein and we decided we had to get that zero-day hack in just to make sure the tool didn't just sit and rot.  Solution - turning exotic wood.

This stuff smells bad, leaves a funny needle like shaving, and is harder than a rock.  In short, a lot of fun!  Russ hacked out some lathe tools from a piece of copper pipe as well as one from an old chisel... both reshaped on the grinder.  Maybe we repeat ourselves too much, but one great things about hacking is getting used to making the tools you need or don't have to make more tools.  It's the recursion loop of hacking.

New CNC mill at fredhack

This CNC mill was picked up for a deal and will be residing at Fredhack.  Like all the other mills in our group member's garages, the CNC isn't quite working.  But hopefully we can remedy that.  In the meantime it's a nice addition to our plethora of manual machining options.

CNC Farrier Tools

Our members joined forces with a local blacksmith and horseshoer that needed some help making his own tool line.  He had all the master skills of smithing and knew everything about the tools he wanted to make from years of experience.  But he didn't have a lot of computer, CNC, and drafting skills.  That's were Fredhack stepped in and helped out.  This has been a long term project and despite earlier hangups, the collaboration has begun to bear fruit as seen below.

New Tormach Mill

 Some custom horseshoes we cut and grooved with CNC

Claw Hammer - Farriers are very specific about their tools.  You can buy a regular old claw hammer at the store, but this one has the right weight, shape, and size for specific tasks common to the trade.

Fuller -  This tool is used to "fuller" nails into the horses foot.  The wedge shape allows it to drive down into the groove of the horse shoe.

Tongs - These are not a result of CNCing, but are an important tool. the opening clamp can be adjusted to fit your work by heating them in the forge and bending them to fit.  Having tongs that fit your work piece is key.