Anvil Collection

We finally got our main anvil on its feet by placing it on this stump.  Below is a recap of our anvils so far.


Digging a Ditch - Hackerspace Improvements

We were having a slight drainage issue at Fredhack.  So we dug a nice ditch.

seems to have solved our minor flooding issue

if your shovel handle breaks, just grab a stick and a nail


Aluminum Beer Can Smelting - 1st Attempt

Along with cans, a few hardrives and other random AU was thrown in.  We poured it into the casting brick until that broke and we switched to dirt.  We pressed a toy car into the dirt and filled the hole with molten metal.  see results below.

liquify metal!

in goes a hard drive

getting ready to pour into casting brick


after cool down

later that night after drinking more beer getting supplies, we attempt to cast a car in the dirt

pressing car into the dirt

hard to see that little spot of fire in the ground,  but it's there

viola... sort of a car


CNC Fully Functional

Russ has taken what was once broken and made it work again.  In this case the CNC for his mill, Hoth

Once he got it running by tearing down the boards and making some repairs, he found some free software for turning an image into a g-code file that made that ultra cool Fredhack sign below.

 "no hands"

an inside look at the CNC driver boards.  after a lot of back and forth with the company that makes them and a few threats of hacking it wide open, they agreed to hand over the drivers needed.

here's a shot of russ working on it
a first run trying the stipple pattern.  you can see the computer and image in the background.  there's also the less defined area which i think is someones head
and here's the fredhack sign.  used gunmetal gray paint to surface first.  the the relief of the wood.

Earrings of Charming Circuitry

Natasha made these cool earrings.  Here's what she had to say about them:

Poly Resin Beer Bottle Caps filled with wire, charm, button, and
electronics from old copiers.
I set up the caps in the final pattern.
Mixed up the resin 50/50.
Keep checking for bubbles.
Now I wait 24 hours for it to set.
Sand and Polish.
Finally I add something to create the final necklace.


Motor and Drive Hack for Lathe

Chris took this old lathe and got it working.  It was missing a motor, but of course he hacked one in.

Here's the overall result.  The motor he had didn't fit the body, so he found another way.

Nice re-purpose of a wall switch

And here's the motor and drive which he took from beneath.  Notice the awesome 2x4 mounting.


Christmas Furniture Refinishing

Chris came by to sand down some furniture.  Then turned a pen body while he was there.  Nice job sir.


Pen Turning - A yuletide maker made gift

Betsy made this Christmas great gift for her mom.  A new pen.