Fibonacci Cabin

With an ongoing interest in weird architecture, let me present the Fibonacci Cabin.  Turns out the Fibonacci sequence is horrible for making a house plan.  It gets way too big, too fast.  After trying about 8 different starter sizes and iteration counts, it just wasn't working.  The best I could get was a cabin. 

Also, if you spiral the doors, it's a design for occupant annoyance.  Probably makes more sense as a prison where you have to go through a long series of twisting doors to get to the outside.  Or maybe if you like the idea of being cocooned away in your private hole....hmmm.

 I'm going to try to put these plans on thing-a-verse or something.  Files now located on our Thingiverse and GrabCad accounts.  I haven't seen a very good open-source architecture repository.  Somebody should fix that.

As seen on thingiverse.

here it is getting setup with the modeling kit