Sen - Sword Making Tool

Russ has been working on making a sword.  After all the knifes we've made, it was time to ramp it up.  I'll put a link to the post here when the sword is complete.  But in the process, he made another tool called a Sen from an old metal file.

Basically a Sen is like a draw knife but swords blades.  As a metal on metal operation I found it kinda crazy.  "We're supposed to cut this metal blade with another metal blade.... in a woodworking way?"

After making the tool and trying it for a bit, we got kinda bored by it and opted into modern power tools and such to shape the blade, but it was a cool venture into sword making history.  Here's an article about Sen making and what they're used for. (There seems to not be a wikipedia article about the Sen... challenge anyone?)

here's one from the article linked above
Russ did the main grinding on the wheel, then went to belt

here's the sword partially hammered out

that crazy idea of scraping swords in action