Terminator FANUC

Russ says:

"Remember the name of the default gcode type, fanuc? It was the control syntax of the original robotic industrial arm.

In the 1984 original terminator movie, it was the control system of the plant in the final scene, shown here as Reese boots up the warehouse. I just noticed that and thought it was cool that they actually used real stuff and not just props. Also that this movie is 30 years old and the same code is running stuff in my garage."

Though there is some other mention of FANUC machines on Terminator Salvation, the only internet reference to this earlier instance I found here, and says:

"This is not a nit, merely a note of realism which most people would miss. When Reese & Sarah enter the factory near the end of the film, Reese activates several switched and a display screen reads, 'FANUC ROBOT, S-MODEL 0, SERIES F30, EDITION 005". This is a genuine display from Fanuc, Inc. manufacturer of industrial robots and other equipment."

Hopefully if the singularity occurs at Fredhack it will immediately notice the mess controlled chaos and program itself into an orginization bot.

looks like at about an hour twenty minutes into the movie.