Wooden Necktie - The Ultimate Arboreal Accessory

Russ is going all corporate on us and sprucing up his attire.  Check out his lumbering how-to below.

Layout the shape on your wood and cut it in pieces the length of your drill bit.

Number the pieces in order on the side you want to be the front. Mark two lines on each for the cord holes.

Using another board about half as thick, mark across the pieces to get the centers for the holes.

Using an extra long drill bit, drill the holes for the cord. Drill in small steps to minimize side loads and drill drift.

String the pieces with 1/8 bungee to check the fit. Due to drill drift, some pieces will need a bit of sanding to get a good fit.

Run the bungee in a circle back through the parts.

Stretch the bungee and tie as tight as possible to hold the parts for sanding.

Sand off the excess to your profile lines, face sand the pieces to match, and round the sides.

You may remove the pieces for final sanding once you've match sanded them, keep track of the position since you've now sanded off the numbers.