Celebrating Tabletop Day - Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

Fredhack celebrated Tabletop Day on March 30th by playing Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.  Alright alright, before you start yelling, "But that's a video game which is totally not what Table Top day is all about," let me make my case that its ok.  Maybe.

First, we put all our laptops on a large table, thus tabletop.

Second, the way the game works, requiring coordination between multiple members of the "bridge" mostly through talking back and forth, gives that work together and laugh a lot feel that is somewhere between LARPing and tabletop play rather than the arguably standard insular video gaming situation.

The highly interlocking co-oping of Artemis requires players to work together in a way that is even more interwoven than say your standard WoW run.  One person on navigation, one on weapons, one on engineering, one on science, etc.  And everything everyone does effects everyone else.  If people don't report on the bridge and do particular tasks at the right time, we all die... on our ship together. 

Third, we met the makers of Artemis at Nofolk Maker Faire where they presented, which has no relevance other than we like that, so there.  Case made.

Regardless if your convinced by my argument, Artemis is a great game and we'll be playing it more in the future as team Fredhack voyages into the great beyond conquering alien intruders of all kinds.  We've even been talking about fielding a team to go and fight another team.  We shall see.

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  1. You have presented a case of weak sauce. Nevertheless, I am intrigued. And here I wanted to play several rounds of Pass the Pigs.

    I like what you've done with the blog!


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