Terrarium Fright

Beth put together this terrarium. Originally she was going to print some images of founding fathers to make a cardboard-backed paper doll diorama or maybe 3D print some other historical characters to insert since she's a history nerd, but then she dropped the eerie wind-up toy eyeball in the scene and thought it looked perfect.

That thick looking freaky plant in the top right is an unspecified succulent which refers to its water-retaining properties that fatten up the leaves. Aloe is a common example. Just like an Aloe, it was ooey gooey inside when she dismantled it.  The creepy stalks give the terrarium a "Land of the Lost" feel which is perfect for monster eyeballs to stomp through.

Here's an instuctable on how to make your own terrarium which is similar to what she followed.  Though terrarium making is widely covered on the net, we think it's all about what you add to the scene that makes a terrarium memorable.  Think "Anecdote of a Jar" by Wallace Stevens.

Glass bowl, dirt, pebbles, plants.  Nothing to it.
It's looking at me!!!!

 A few more of her terrariums presented after the jump.

same terrarium with rocking horse instead of eyeball

This one she bought from Terrariums by Rich which gave her the original inspiration.

And here's Ben with a light bulb version.  Another freaky plant inside.

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