Model Furniture

I bought a flat pack of dollhouse/model furniture from Michaels hobby store dirt cheap (like 3 bucks).  After assembling the models, I thought, "Why not design my own?"   Of course this called for a modern update.  See below for results. 

Need to get that laser cutter now to test the designs.  Could such exploits turn into making our own life-sized flat pack furniture via CNC router?... oh, I think that's a possibility.  Go to our Thingiverse or GrabCAD for the files.

This is the model furniture from Michaels.  It snaps together well, but a little glue is required.
I designed new versions using ideas learned from assembling the model furniture


Wooden Necktie - The Ultimate Arboreal Accessory

Russ is going all corporate on us and sprucing up his attire.  Check out his lumbering how-to below.

Layout the shape on your wood and cut it in pieces the length of your drill bit.

Number the pieces in order on the side you want to be the front. Mark two lines on each for the cord holes.

Using another board about half as thick, mark across the pieces to get the centers for the holes.

Using an extra long drill bit, drill the holes for the cord. Drill in small steps to minimize side loads and drill drift.

String the pieces with 1/8 bungee to check the fit. Due to drill drift, some pieces will need a bit of sanding to get a good fit.

Run the bungee in a circle back through the parts.

Stretch the bungee and tie as tight as possible to hold the parts for sanding.

Sand off the excess to your profile lines, face sand the pieces to match, and round the sides.

You may remove the pieces for final sanding once you've match sanded them, keep track of the position since you've now sanded off the numbers.

Aluminum Light Bulb

Taking the concrete light bulb Instructable to the next level, we decided to sand cast one in Aluminum.  The metal came from old car parts and leftovers from previous casting all chopped to fit on the band saw.

We hollowed out the light bulb just like for the concrete version, but then placed the bulb in the sand casting mix.  We poured the molten goo in and the glass broke off nicely.

Our crucible wasn't big enough to melt enough Al to cast it in one go, so we ended up with a a few lines and one break.  We're looking for something larger like a 4" pipe or we might give in and buy a proper crucible.


3D Printing and Fossils - Fredhack Member Now Maker Journalist

Garrett has been published before documenting his diving and fossil gathering exploits.  Most recently he put out this article about 3D printing that was published in The Rostrum and then reprinted by The Ecphora, both newsletters associated with the Maryland Geological Society.

3D Printing of Prehistoric Models


Emerging from a printer near you, 3D plastic
models of your favorite fossils and prehistoric
creatures. Hobbyists and professional paleontologists
are embracing this new technology with enthusiasm.
Here’s some background on this fascinating
technology, much of it for the do-it-yourselfer.

For the rest, including cheesy pics, go to page 11 of Calvert Marine Museum Newsletter
Volume 28 , Number 1, March 2013


Corey Doctorow at Busboys and Poets + A New Website

Some Fredhackers loaded up and traveled to Busboys and Poets, a bookstore in DC, to listen to Doctorow at a book signing.  He spoke about the life, death, and accomplishments of Aaron Swartz, the book Hacking The Xbox which is now free in memory of Swartz, and "watching TV the wrong way".  Preaching to the choir for us, but riveting to hear a public voice for many of the issues that concern techsters, hackers, and makers.  Information doesn't want to be free, people do.

Also, we had a few email exchanges with Corey leading up to this event discussing a fan website Fredhack setup using the name of a website from his book Pirate Cinema. The site is: confusingpeachoftheforestgreenbeethoven.

Right now the website is just a placeholder with a few links to hacker and internet activism related sites, but we'd like to do more with it in the near future.

Cory Doctorow speaking at Busboys and Poets

Cory signed Russ's book with a great Hack-a-Day doodle.