Fredhack HQ resides at Russ's detached garage and property in Goldvein just outside Fredericksburg. If you come hack with us this is probably the place you'll come to and below are some of the tools you'll encounter.

CNC Mill

Sold by Harbor Freight and made by Central Machinery.  Unlike the factory pic above, Fredhack's has been converted to a CNC with a CNC Jr. package including computer station for uploading GCODE and a motion control pendant for manual use.  Here it is engraving FREDHACK on a DIY skateboard. 

Unimat (Mill/Lathe Combo)

Lathe Configuration
Mill Configuration
First manufactured as a hobbyist tool in the 70's, the Unimat is a beautiful piece of small scale DIY machinery.  Here's a link to a modern version for those looking to buy something similar or you can scour ebay for the real McCoy.

Metal Lathe


  The metal lathe is an older one that we're still working to bring online.


Wood Lathe

This wood lathe is made by Rigid and has a beefy 1/2 horse motor.  Here's a link for factory specs.  We've used it in our pen turning exploits, to make bowls, and just to turn exotic woods for the fun of it. 

Gadget (3D Printer) RETIRED

Ah Gadget, how you taunt us with your never quite workingness.  The XY table built by Russ from a scrapped IBM plotter along with a black pipe Z-stand and drawer slides for the action.  The driver boards and extruder where RepRap based.  The general evil genius provided by Fredhack.  Here's a history of its gnarly birth here, here, and here.  Gadget is retired from Fredhack but last seen in possession by NOVA Labs where she hopes to make a comeback.


Angry Forge
Calm Forge
No ring has been destroyed in this fiery hot pit, but one has been cast.

Main Anvil

This 150lb anvil found its way to us via skills trading with our friend Butch, a blacksmith and farrier out of Thornburg, VA.  It's design is based on the horseshoeing trade, but many a railroad spike knife has been pounded out on it since living at Fredhack.

Other Tools

Soldering Stations
Electronic Testing Equipment
Drill Press
Bench Grinder
Belt Sander
Vertical Band Saw
Horizontal Band Saw
MIG & Stick Welders
Wide assortment of Power and Hand tools


Death Star (Mill)

Endor (Mill)

Dantooine (Mill)


MIG Welder

Chop Saw 1

Chop Saw 2