Make Magazine - Projects of every kind.
Hackaday - Electronics focused hacks but many others too.
Instructables - Thousands of makers put their projects here.
Reddit r/DIY - r/maker, etc. Redditors that are makers.
GitHub - Open source software and other files for projects including non-software design.
SourceForge - Open source software.
Thingiverse - Download files for 3D printing, laser cutting, and other making.
GrabCAD - Like thingiverse but with more of an engineering and CAD bent.
Sketchup - Google Skethup has tons of models.  Especially architectural and furniture.
FABforall - A 3D and CAD file aggregator.  Search all the model sites at once. 

EagleCAD - The circuit design standard.  Costs $69.
Frizing - Like Eagle but open source. - Web-based design and open market place.  You can order a PCB of your design from them.
Circuitlab - Circuit design and emulation in your web browser as well as sharing.
KiCAD - A little tougher to learn, but very open source.

Arduino - Software for your Arduino board.
Propeller - The Parallax board programming software.
Netduino - .NET but not Arduino.
Energia - IDE for Texas Instruments chips and Arduino.

AutoCAD / 123D Design - ACAD's free 3D tool.
Solidworks - Expensive but the standard in mechanical engineering.
Sketchup - Google's CAD software.  The free version is popular with many makers.
Tinkercad - Monthly fee, lets you CAD in your browser and share with others (is shutting down).
FreeCAD - Haven't used this one, but it's free and open source.
OpenSCAD - Programming based.

Pronterface/Printrun - Easy to use RepRap front end.  Our favorite.
ReplicatorG - The original front-end for the RepRap group.
Repetier-Host - A fancy front end for RepRap.
Makerware - Makerbot's front end.

Popcorn Maker - Mozilla's software for video mashup.
paper.js - processing.js - Animated webgraphics without Flash.
Zen Cart - Open source online store software.
Wordpress - Yes.

GIMP - Opensource answer to photoshop.
Graphics Gayle - Pixel art editor. 
Blender - Solid open source 3D animation software.  Lots to learn though.
Sculptris - 3D sculpting software
Audacity - Sound file editor.
Fruityloops - Music maker and editor. Free demo.
Pure Data -  Visual programming for musicians.
Monkey Jam - Decent simplistic stop motion animation tool. Junk download site, click with care.
Construct 2 - Free version to make basic HTML5 video games fast. Good intro tutorial.
Proccessing - Graphics and animations.  Easy to learn. - C++ libraries with Processing-type goals.  Use for Arduino, computer vision, etc.
Cinder - Like openFrameworks but more complicated.  Better performance and results though.

Arduino - The original Ardiuno including code repository.
Adafruit Industries - Kits, Arduinos, shields, components.
Sparkfun - Robotics, Kits, Arduinos, shields, components.
Pololu - Robotics, Kits, Arduinos, shields, components.
HobbyKing - RC focus but many items for UAV and Robotics.  Good place to find deals.
Digi-Key - Electronics wholesaler with a comprehensive selection of chips, components, and accessories.

McMaster-Carr - All things hardware and mechanical.  From basic metal stock to sprockets and specialty screws. 
Ponoko - A site that emphasizes a build to design factory, but has a good sheet materials catalog.
Smooth-On - All things molding and casting.  Lots of good tutorials for their products.
Seattle Fabrics - Outdoor fabrics and related hardware including nylon, ripstop, and vinyl.
Woodcraft - Has retail stores in VA, but their online store is worth visiting too.
MetalsDepot - We tend to find deals at area scrap yards or buy cutoffs from local machine shops, but if you need something specific fast this looks like a decent place.  Also McMaster-Carr (above).

RepRap - There are too many 3D printer projects to possibly list here, but RepRap is the place to start.
Maker Gear - The Fredhack 3D printer is from the Maker Gear MSeries, but the M1 Mosiac is no longer sold.
Lulzbot - A 3D printer company that has given away printers to hackerspaces.  Hackaday says its a good printer.

100kgarages - The most highly touted maker-centric manufacturing resource.  It's promoted by Make and others.
Ponoko - 3D printing, laser cutting.
Shapeways - 3D printing in over 30 materials, including metals and ceramics.
Kraftwurx - 3D printing.  Site still in beta so we'll see if it works out.  Widest material selection. - Web-based design and open market place.  You can order your board design from them.
PCB Fab Express - (Many different PCB prototype shops out there.  To my knowledge there is no de facto Maker friendly preferred shop, but this seems like a decent one that caters to hobbyists.)
ThomasNet - A website with lots of manufacturers and a laborious search option. - Similiar toThomasNet but I haven't used it as much.  It is said to be good.

MIT Prototype Machine Shop Video Training Series - An invaluable introduction to the machine shop environment.  It covers operation, techniques, and safety for many of the tools you'll find at Fredhack.
CNC Zone - The forums where many CNC and machining mysterious are solved.
Coursera - Tons of online university courses with plenty to offer to hacker minded learners.
Udacity - Similar to Coursera but STEM only.  Fewer courses but high quality.
New Boston - A solid programming and web/app development learning site.
Treehouse - Learn web and iOS design in a gamified environment.
Scratch - Programming for kids from MIT.
MIT App Inventer - Make Android apps with drag and drop programming.
Modkit - Drag and drop for programming Arduinos. 
Alice - Learning programming through story telling.
Happy Nerds - A pile of resources for kids to explore computing. 

Maker Faire - Preeminent yearly event for makersWorld Faire in New York. Two in VA; Charlottesville and Norfolk.

Frostfest - The Mid-Atlantic's largest winter hamfest.  It's in Richmond.  Lots of cool stuff to buy and gawk at.

Startup Weekend - Focused on starting software and web based ventures in different cities around VA .
Ludum Dare - Get together and make a game in 48 hours. Richmond based group RVA Game Jams participates regularly.

FredSWUG - Fredericksburg Solid Works User Group.  Monthly meetings on Solid Works CAD program.
FredLUG - Local Linux users group.  Open source is our friend.
FredDev - Local meetup for developers and designers.
Only listed Fredericksburg groupsToo many to name in DC, NOVA, Richmond.  Just search and EventBrite.

OTHER SITES OF INTEREST - tells you what 3M glue to use for most any two services. - Tools for engineering and design.  Read entire website, be smarter than friends. 


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