"Stump of the Week"* - An award for screwing up.

As DIY'ers we embrace mistakes.  Errors are often the learning moments of hacking. Making mistakes means you're trying new things, and that's good right?  Or does it just mean you're a horrible person?

*By "week" we mean awarded when ever we feel like it.

3rd Stumpy - Nichrome We Love You
This stumpy honors about two years of setting things on fire with nichrome.  Thank you nichrome for all the good times and never quite working for unintended uses forever and ever.

2nd Stumpy - No Rails
Goes to some engineer probably laughing probably in a foreign country.  Design flaw on tank-bot caused tracks to fly off every time we drove her. All it needed was some higher rails man.

1st Stumpy - Taking a Dump
In fitting fashion, HE WHO SHALL GO UNNAMED quickly became the 1st ever "Stump of the Week" while applying lettering via sandblaster to the award itself.  How ironic.

After a great deal of effort sieving our sandblasting particulate, he left the bottom hatch of the sandblaster cabinet open before dumping the sand in, thus pouring the bucket of sand straight on the floor creating a hot cloudy mess.  Nice job sir, *cough cough*. (sorry, I'm still trying to get the dust out of my lungs.)
Lesson Learned: Close the door immediately after emptying.

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